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Scholarship Program

TRI-OKC 2017 Scholarship Program –Scholarship Chair Cara Nance

The TRI-OKC Scholarship Program is open to all active club members who need assistance to attend a race. The funds are provided to offset travel costs, races entries, and hotel expenses only. The program has four yearly scholarships that must be applied for by January 31, 2017 for the next year.  The expenses are reimbursed.

  • General Scholarship: (4) $250 – This fund is available to all club members who need assistance to attend any multisport.

  • Eligibility Rules:

  • All active club members with a minimum of 1 year club membership.
  • Have not received any Tri-Okc scholarships within the prior 2 years.
  • To apply write a letter explaining what race, when, and why you would appreciate assistance and email it to the scholarship chair Cara Nance at
  • You must provide a minimum of 8 hours volunteer time to the club throughout the year and report those hours to the scholarship chairman.
  • You must represent the club in our club uniform during the race if allowed by race rules.
  • The scholarships will be offered on a yearly basis and you are eligible to apply every year.
  • You may apply for multiple scholarships in a given year, but you are only eligible to receive one.
  • You must submit receipts for the expenses you would like reimbursement for by October 31st of the year you are accepting the scholarship.

  • TRI-OKC holds the right to revoke a scholarship if any of the above statements are abused.

  • You must sign an affidavit summarizing the above agreement and return it to the scholarship chair before money will be reimbursed.

  • Revised November 16, 2016

    Triathlon Advancement Grant

    The Tri-OKC invites applications for the 2017
    Triathlon Advancement Grant.

    The Club Officers of the Triathlon Club of Oklahoma City have set aside $1000 from which to make an award or awards to fund, in part or in full, a project or initiative that will advance the sport of triathlon in the greater OKC Metro Area.

    We are particularly interested in supporting non-profit organisations; initiatives that will advance triathlon among local school-age and youth athletes; or collegiate triathlon, although all applications that meet the broad criteria of advancing triathlon will be considered.

    Applications must include an approximately 300 word description of the initiative they wish funded, including comment on the intended outcomes and a line item budget.

    Applications are due by 5:00pm January 31st. Late applications will not be considered. The award will be announced at the Tri-OKC Expo in February.

    Applications should be sent to the Club Secretary: Cara Nance at: