Tri-OKC: A preimer tri club

Triathlons for triatheletes

December Training:

It’s the end of the season, so what’s going on? You may think it’s time to hit the couch and lay down those essential fat reserves that you can call upon in the last miles of your 70.3 or 140.6… But there are other things you can be doing to prepare for next season, or just to keep social with like minded souls.

If you’re in Norman, there are plenty of opportunities for keeping active, (post to facebook if you are in a group in Edmond, Moore, OKC, Yukon or elsewhere, or message Piers and we’ll get this updated here):


Saturdays: 2:30pm Thunderbird Trailhead:
Trail running on the MTB trails. Bryan is training for a trail marathon in February, and he will be running slow and long from 2:30pm. I hear that beer is always an option… come out if you are running a mile or if you want to go long. Meet: 2:30pm in carpark by the trails (off highway 9, Norman).

Sundays: 8:30am: SundayRunday: John H. Saxon Trails (highway 9 and 36th SE), 2km gravel loop, run 1 or run 20 of them… someone will likely start at 8:30, someone will likely still be running until 12:00. Jump in for a loop. Option of breakfast buffet after at the Postal Training Centre.

Cleveland Country YMCA Masters Swim:
Coach Dave Gray; 6:30-7:30, Mon-Thurs. YMCA Members $15/month; non-members $30/month. Drills and sets to keep you keen and improve your stroke, efficiency and speed. 90% triathletes, a few swimmers (or triathletes that have yet to come out, as we call them). A great social group that hits the open water as soon as its warm and Pepe Delgados on some Monday nights…

BIKING: The Bicycle League of Norman rides throughout the winter. Buchanon’s do a nighttime MTB ride either at Draper or Thunderbird. Bryan has the details, so do the shop:

Buchanan Bicycle's
561 Buchanan Ave.
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: 405-364-5513 Email:

Rides also from 405 Bicycles:
Contact Sey or Erik:

405 Bicycles
3251 Market Place Ste. 110
Norman, OK 73072
405 310 2453


Our new board member Dan Chapman is still leading a bunch of crazies on an open water swim and run each week (I kid you not!!) Look out for this on Facebook. Dan gives coaching to all who turn up at no fee. He’s awesome!


Schlegel’s have rides all the freakin time:
Give them a call! : (rides for beginners and the ferocious).
Main Phone: 405.232.4040
900 N. Broadway OKC.

If you are running something that our members can jump into and you want it on this list, then email Piers:

2017 Tri-OKC Election Results:

Thank you to Katrina Menard for organising our election of board members who will serve from Jan 1 2017 until Dec 31 2019. Congratulations to Kyle Glass and Dan Chapman, but thank you too to each of the candidates for being willing to put themselves forward with the offer to dedicate two years to building the club. I hope that all of the candidates will feel that they have the endorsement of the membership to remain active in the community, as we all know, it takes many more people than just the board and officers to make races and club events happen. We'll raise a glass (not Kyle) to them all at the Xmas dinner on the 3rd December at Schlegels.

Club Elections

Kyle Glass:
Hello I'm Kyle Glass for those of you that don't know me I will give you short story of me and my racing history. Talbot Cox convinced me to do triathlons in 2012, since then I've been hooked. I've raced in numerous states, over vast distances from indoor triathlons to world championships. Something I've enjoyed more than racing however is giving back to the sport that welcomed me with open arms. Triathlon is something I am very passionate about so being a board member has always been important to me. I have alot of ideas to bring the life back to this sport that has been dying in our city. I want to get your opinions on races you'd like to see going forward and bring back more club events such as family races, community runs or bikes/ bricks. My goal is to leave a long lasting footprint on this club and achieve some things that both past & future generations can appreciate! Thank you and I wish you all best in 2017!

Dan Chapman:
Dan Chapman hosts the open water swimming events at Lake Arcadia for Tri-OKC and volunteers to support our local events. As a former professional athlete, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is always willing to share. Coach Chapman "Chappy" holds professional licenses from several countries and was a US National coach until retiring. Chapman is now shifting his attention to his family, friends and age group athletes who are aspiring to be better athletes.

Roger Gartman:
First and foremost, I am passionate about triathlon. I am in my 33rd triathlon season and am still driven daily to be both a competitor and an advocate for triathlon, for both adults and youth. I am one of the original organizers and founding members of Tri-OKC and also a Certified Adult Race Director and Certified Youth Race Director. I currently serve on the 2016 Tri-OKC Board and would appreciate your consideration for another term in 2017.

Lee Muñoz:
It is an honor to be nominated for the board, and would like the opportunity to serve. Like most people, we lead busy lives but get to enjoy participating in multi sport events with TRI-OKC. I enjoy meeting people and interacting at all of our events. I would love the opportunity to help attract new people to our club and make sure we are serving the needs of the existing club members. I am on the Alumni Affairs Board with the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy and have been race director for our annual 5K and 10K race where we have grown in size every year. I would always be open to hear people's ideas on how to improve our events and serve our members. Thank you for your consideration.


Welcome! Although our Tri-OKC season of sanctioned racing is over, the club still has quite a lot going on.

Dan Chapman is still leading open water swims at Arcadia Lake on a Wednesday, and Steven English has begun coordinating rides in OKC. Schlegels rides are on Saturdays too, (average pace of +/-19mph)

Tri-OKC Board Elections:

Of immediate concern, though, is the election of two members to the Tri-OKC board. Jon Chenault and Roger Gartman's two year term has come to an end and it is time for the club to choose their replacements. Those elected will help the Club officers and continuing board members to coordinate our season and club activities for the coming two years.

At the October club meeting, held at Mercy Health Center, in Edmond, nominations were taken, and the candidates had the chance to address the club membership. The club president gave an overview of our 2016 Season and Steve Schlegel, a long-tme club sponsor, talked to us about the importance of the right kit to see us riding comfortable through the Fall and Winter months, and gave out discount coupons to club members in attendance. (Thanks Steve!!)

We had a good evening. We have had five nominations for the two positions on the Tri-OKC board, Kyle Glass, Lee Munoz, Dan Chapman, Lanc Schmidt, and Roger Gartman.

Lee and Dan sent apologies as work kept them from coming to talk to us, but Kyle talked about the work he has done for the club over the last several years, and his many years investment in triathlon and the multisport community, including his hopes to help us build youth triathlon and improve our outreach to triathletes in other states. In our retrospective on the 2016 season, it was also noted that Lee Munoz has been active in making our events a success this year, and that Dan's initiative to bring regular open water swims to Arcadia has been a real bonus to club members. Lanc has helped out too at set up and take down, and Roger has often helped set up events as well.

It's clear we have some good candidates for the 2017-2019 board. Nominations are now closed, we shall be posting a short written statement from each candidate on the club website in the coming few days and we shall send out an online voting poll to paid up club members shortly thereafter. Election results will be announced at our club AGM in November.

Keep on swimming, riding and running!

Tri-OKC Club President